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A Spring Update

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Spring in the desert has been beautiful, blessed, and busy!

blogThings started getting busy with the Nun Run and are only now beginning to slow down!  Speaking of the Nun Run, we recently uploaded about 50 photos – more will be added over the next few days.  Check them out!  With over 900 participants, it was another successful Nun Run – and filled with Year of Mercy graces.  About 3 priests heard confessions – continually – throughout the entire event.  RUN TO Mother Andre-129MERCY!  All those penitents won that race…  Our congrats to all those who took home plaques, medals, and to all who participated and enjoyed the day.  See you next year!

Just 2 weeks after the Nun Run, our community received a great grace in the Installation and Abbatial Blessing of Mother Marie Andre.  On March 19, 2016, Solemnity of St. Joseph, Mother Marie Andre officially was installed as our first Abbess.  For all the details about the JOY-FILLED occasion, to read the Bishop’s excellent homily, and view a large album of photos, please click here! We continue to give thanks to the Lord for Mother Marie Andre and the gift of our autonomy.  We are at the beginning of a new chapter in the history of our community – and it is wonderful to behold 🙂

rosewindow2The very next day after the installation was Palm Sunday.  We had a blessed Holy Week and Triduum, culminating in the celebration of Easter Sunday.  It was right before Vespers on Easter Sunday when we learned of the passing of Mother Angelica…on the very day that Jesus triumphed over death.  (Be sure to check out our other post IMG_2936about Mother’s passing) As Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI stated – being called to the Lord on Easter Sunday is indeed ‘a gift.’  We grieve her passing, but trust that she continues to exercise her spiritual maternity over our community and all of her spiritual children.

Spring has sprung here in the desert, and we know that the blazing summer heat will not stay away for long.  We’ve enjoyed the wildflowers, baby birds, flowering cacti, and FINALLY even a Spring storm, complete with a the BRIGHTEST double rainbow we’ve ever seen.

IMG_2938 IMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2941 IMG_2942

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5 Responses to “A Spring Update”
  1. Peggy says:

    “When you see a rainbow think of its maker”. When you see the desert nuns and all of their lives given to God and the fruit of their love it is also easy to see their maker! Thank you Sisters for your faithfulness and love and that “”yes” that made a difference and continues to make a difference in our world!

  2. Steve says:

    I always like rainbows. As a child we were taught (from Sisters) that God will never forget us and will lead us to His Heavenly Home.

  3. Steve says:

    Abbatial Blessing – The photos are breath taking and unbelievable.

  4. Judy Kallmeyer says:

    Dear Sisters,

    The rainbow pictures are truly magnificent! I love the two pictures where the Sisters appear to be holding the end of the rainbow in their hands. Don’t they say that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Well, the Sisters are the gold at the end of the rainbow. Your lives are like an offering of precious gold to the Divine Lord. The beauty of your lives is like the beauty of the rainbow, magnificent! May you always live your lives of such great value in a manner worthy of your calling. And may you be blessed with spiritual riches beyond compare.

    In the Heart of Jesus,
    Judy Kallmeyer

  5. Lis says:

    May I know if the structure is your convent thnks

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