Once again, we have to ask ourselves: Is Jesus really our first and only love, as we promised he would be when we professed our vows? Only if he is, will we be empowered to love, in truth and mercy, every person who crosses our path. For we will have learned from Jesus the meaning and practice of love. We will be able to love because we have his own heart.” -Pope Francis


The Solemn Professed renewing their Vows before Holy Communion on Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday is always a very special day for us, as we have our Communal Vow Renewal.  So in addition to celebrating the mystery of the Trinity, we also celebrate our Religious Profession – rooted in His Triune Love!


Just as Mass was about to begin, people started pouring into the Chapel. We were delighted to share the joy of this day with so many of the local families from the Tonopah area.

It was a very special joy to have the Church bursting with young people who were enjoying a day of prayer and retreat.  Their energy and joy was palpable!  Pope Francis recently stated that young people “need to experience that ‘it is blessed to give than to receive’ (Acts 20:35), that there is great liberty in an obedient life, great fruitfulness in a virginal heart, great richness in possessing nothing.”  Through our renewal of Vows, we witness to these realities.  And proclaim with our life – joyfully lived in silence, solitude, adoration, and intercession – that God is faithful…and that consecrated life is beautiful!


Keep Jennifer in your prayers as she prepares to enter the Novitiate and be clothed in the Holy Habit