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For quite awhile now, many of our friends have encouraged us to send email updates.  So many of our supporters send us their email addresses for that very purpose – ‘in case you ever decide to send e-updates’ and so on.  At long last, we’ve begun…not one E-Newsletter, but TWO!!!

DESERT NUN NEWS will be dedicated to updates on the monastery in general – feast days, construction news, the sisters, and so on.

VOCATION INSPIRATION will be geared toward those discerning Religious Life, to help provide discernment tools, resources, and the like.

If you would like to subscribe to either or both of these newsletters, please do so via the form below. Simply enter your email address, click which E-Newsletter(s) you would like to receive and then press the subscribe button:
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Living Stones

Also, we’ve received quite a few inquiries about the LIVING STONES IN THE PATHWAYS OF PRAYER Program.  It is back up and running on the website.  While there is currently not an online purchasing option yet, the form itself is easily downloadable.  Check out the LIVING STONE PAGE for more details!  A Living Stone is a great way to commemorate weddings, anniversaries, births, and also to preserve the memory of those who have died.