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To Walk, To Build, To Witness

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Surprised? Ya, just a lil!!!

Before getting to the crux of this blog post, we wanted to share a few photos of our wonderful group of St. Patrick’s day visitors!  Sr. Tara’s mom and Uncle Norm from Buffalo came out to visit, along with Bishop James Wall and Fr. Fred Adamson.

Bishop Wall and Fr. Fred are both really good at ‘surprises’.  We were the recipients of just such a surprise on Sunday.  Fr. Fred was schedule

d to offer Mass at the Monastery.  And sure enough he processed toward the sanctuary as Mass began, but wasn’t alone!  He brought Bishop Wall with him!  It was WONDERFUL to be with our old friend, who is now serving as the Bishop in Gallup, NM.


P1100649The rejoicing over our new Holy Father Francis continues, especially as we prepare for his inaugural Mass tomorrow, on the Solemnity of St. Joseph.  On the day after his election, at a Mass with the college of Cardinals, the Holy Father said: “Our life is a path. When we stop

walking there is something that isn’t right.” He continued: “when we walk without the Cross, when we build without the Cross, when we profess a Christ without the Cross… we aren’t disciples of the Lord. We are worldly.”

Pope Francis concluded the first homily of his pontificate by saying: “I wish that all of us, after these grace-filled days, might have the courage, yes, the courage to walk in the Lord’s presence with the Cross of the Lord.”

He does not appear to be a man who minces words. Direct, heart-felt, and challenging. Long live, Pope Francis!

Here at Our Lady of Solitude, we were blessed to see Our Holy Father’s words being lived out quite literally by a group of young people form a neighboring Parish, St. Henry Catholic Church, who did a Cross Walk to the Monastery!  Enjoy a little slideshow of their visit!

(click here to see all the photos via the OLS Facebook page)

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One Response to “To Walk, To Build, To Witness”
  1. James says:

    Hi Sr. Mary,

    Yes, It was our patron saints day here in the Emerald Isle where everything.. well becomes even more green! Worldwide the lights where on St. Patrick’s day which was celebrated with many landmarks, to name some; Christ the Redeemer turned green in Rio de Janeiro, Table Mountain in South Africa and Niagara Falls. Chicago, the river turned green and ancient wonders of the world, the pyramids of Egypt, also turned green…

    Boy of boy! St. Patrick gets around. Hats off.

    Nice to see such warm hospitality and wonderful work your all doing. Also, that was some nice theme music put to video if I do say so myself.. quite apt.. one feels like doing a Jig.. haha.

    Hope you all had a nice green day!


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